FIS students impress Management Association of the Philippines with their investigatory project


Ahmed Hataman and Gokturk Karabulut, Grade 8 students from Fountain International School, recently presented their investigatory project to the Management Association of the Philippines and the AgriBusiness and Countryside Development Foundation. Both students talked about the biodegradable multipurpose plastic made from nata de coco which they also presented in the ... Read More »

FIS students interact with San Lorenzo de Brindisi Academy


FIS students particularly the school’s Tacloban scholars got to interact with students from San Lorenzo de Brindisi Academy. They exchanged stories about their experiences as teenagers and High School students over donuts and iced tea. This kind of interaction is one way for the students to open their doors to ... Read More »

FIS focuses on interactive learning


As mentioned in earlier posts, Fountain International School primarily focuses on progressive, interactive learning. Here is Ms. Mala’s Biology class where student learning centered on animal life. Students got to work with groups and did several presentations as they talked about nature’s diversity. Indeed, in FIS, students learn the progressive ... Read More »

FIS students attend first club meeting


After the club launch last week, all FIS students got to join different clubs that would match their talents and interests. After membership was finalized by Ms. Sarah, the Coordinator of the school’s clubs and organizations, the students attended their first club meeting last Wednesday, August 20. The initial meeting ... Read More »

FIS launches monthly celebrations


Through the able leadership of Ms. Aiko, the coordinator of both Nutrition and Filipino month celebrations, Fountain International School held their formal launch last Tuesday, August 19, in the School Cafeteria. Kids gathered together for a brief assembly where Ms. Lei and Ms. Aiko talked about the importance of taking ... Read More »

FIS holds different fun activities for students


Fountain International School always makes it a point to mix fun with learning. Last week, several classes had amazing activities that were both educational and exciting. Among these activities was the cookfest. With nutritional value as the main learning point, kids prepared a sumptuous batch of desserts that were as ... Read More »

FIS utilizes new technology


Fountain International School is currently using an upgraded RFID system that promotes student attendance and safety. Every time a pupil clocks in or clocks out, his/her parent or guardian receives a text message informing him/her regarding his/her child’s attendance. This system is also used for cashless disbursement in the school ... Read More »

FIS launches club sign up


Fountain International School had the club sign-up last Wednesday, August 13. The teachers presented the different clubs for the students to choose. Some of the clubs include Ms. Julija’s Singing Stars; Ms. Jeune’s Young Entrepreneurs Society; Sir Jim’s Gamers Club; Ms. Clyde’s Reading Club; Ms. Cheska’s Young Journalists Circle; Ms. ... Read More »

FIS elects Executive Council officers


Fountain International School recently concluded the election of officers for the Executive Council. This Council serves as the coordinating body that will help initiate and implement student-centered activities. Winning the presidential post is Pocholo Apad; Vice-President is Isabelle Mariano; Treasurer is Ahmed Hataban; and the Secretary is Bernice Poticano. The ... Read More »

FIS students elect class officers


The school held the election of class officers last Wednesday, August 6. These leaders will help their teachers with the day-to-day activities in Fountain International School. The Class Presidents, meanwhile, will form the Executive Council Officers of the school. Election of this student council will be held on Friday, August ... Read More »